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As Voltas 2023

Condes de Albarei

As Voltas is a wine made with the Albariño variety and with only one idea in mind: provide a quality Rias Baixas at a great price. That's As Voltas, a selection from Coalla Gourmet.
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Characteristics of As Voltas 2023


Data sheet

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Vino Blanco
Condes de Albarei
75 cl
Designation of Origin
DO Rías Baixas
Type of Viticulture
Types of Grape
As Voltas Rías Baixas is an exquisite white wine crafted in the renowned Rías Baixas region of Galicia, located in the northwest of Spain. This particular wine showcases the Albariño grape variety, which is considered the flagship grape of the region and one of Spain's most celebrated varieties.

Pristinely capturing the essence of its origin, As Voltas Rías Baixas is defined by its remarkable freshness and liveliness. The wine presents itself with a pale yellow color adorned by greenish reflections, reflecting its youthful vibrancy. On the nose, it displays an impressive aromatic intensity, with floral nuances of jasmine and orange blossom, accompanied by the enticing freshness of white and citrus fruits such as pear, apple, and lemon.

On the palate, As Voltas Rías Baixas delights with a well-balanced acidity and a smooth, silky texture. Intense and persistent fruit flavors take center stage, complemented by hints of zesty citrus and tropical notes, including pineapple and passion fruit. The finish is refreshing and lingering, leaving a delightful sense of minerality.

Versatile in nature, As Voltas Rías Baixas is a perfect companion for seafood, fish, rice dishes, and traditional Galician cuisine. Its refreshing and vibrant character makes it an ideal choice for casual enjoyment or pairing with light meals.

In summary, As Voltas Rías Baixas is an Albariño wine that stands out for its freshness, intense aromas, and fruit-forward palate. Representing the essence of the Rías Baixas region, it embodies the unique character of wines crafted with the Albariño grape.
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Condes de Albarei

Condes de Albarei
Adega Condes De Albarei, S.A.Lg. A Bouza Nº 1, 36639 Castrelo - Cambados, España
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