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Vermouth Martínez Lacuesta Reserva

Martínez Lacuesta

A batch of Martínez Lacuesta's best vermouth. To enjoy as an aperitif, served cold and accompanied by the classic slice of orange and olive.
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Characteristics of Vermouth Martínez Lacuesta Reserva


Data sheet

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ES-La Rioja
Martínez Lacuesta
75 cl
A batch of Martínez Lacuesta's best vermouth, which is made with aromatic plants and herbs cold macerated in white wine, is aged for 7 months in new medium-toasted French oak barrels. It gives rise to a dark vermouth, with a rich color, with notes of wood and a very traditional profile. To enjoy as an aperitif, served cold and accompanied by the classic slice of orange and olive.
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Martínez Lacuesta

Martínez Lacuesta
Bodegas Martinez Lacuesta,S.A.Paraje De Urbieta S/N, 26200 Haro, España
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This vermouth is made using a traditional wine, of long tradition in the winery. In the final blend, sweet liqueur wine is added, in the Tarragona Classic style, which ages in 7,000-liter oak vats for 5 years....
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A Vermouth is made with a wine as a base, and Roxmut is made with the Asturian cider from the Llagar Castañón, in which herbs are macerated and macerated in barrels. It is citric, assidured as appropriate and has...
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Un vermouth que nos ha puesto patas arriba. Con una base de Albariño, la maceración de una receta propia de hierbas aromáticas. Es limpio, fresco, floral y frutoso. Un Vermú con mayúsculas que gusta incluso a los que...
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The main herb with which the vermouth is made is the artemisia and we can also find the gentian that contains the most bitter substance in the world, the amarogentina. For its elaboration, Macabeo grape base wine is...
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Los Vermouths de La Quintinye tienen una peculiaridad que los hace únicos, y es que en su composición interviene el Pineau de Charentes, un majestuoso bebedizo resultado de mezclar mosto de uva con un destilado de...
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