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Trufas de Cacao y Vino Tinto Kankel 9 ud

Kankel Cacao

Discover KANKEL Cocoa and Red Wine Truffles, delicious truffles where red wine takes center stage.
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Characteristics of Trufas de Cacao y Vino Tinto Kankel 9 ud


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Kankel Cacao
75 grs
Discover KANKEL Cocoa and Red Wine Truffles, delicious truffles where red wine takes center stage. Each truffle is encapsulated with a creamy ganache of wine and its aromas, all of this wrapped in exquisite coating. Furthermore, the outer layer is crafted using grape skins, completing this ensemble delicately and uniquely.
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Kankel Cacao

Kankel Cacao
Kankel Bean to Bar S.LCamino Nalda-Vigurera, 46. Nalda, La Rioja 26190
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