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Caldo para Fideos Instantáneos Clearspring 245 ml


Introducing Clearspring's Organic Instant Noodle Broth - Tsuyu!

Elevate your noodle experience with Clearspring's Organic Instant Noodle Broth - Tsuyu. Immerse yourself in a world of authentic flavors and nourishing organic ingredients in every sip of this exquisite broth.
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Characteristics of Caldo para Fideos Instantáneos Clearspring 245 ml


Data sheet

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Reino Unido
245 ml
Our Tsuyu broth is thoughtfully crafted to complement your favorite instant noodles, creating a convenient and delicious meal option that is both flavorful and organic. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a quick and healthy culinary adventure.

Tsuyu is a savory and versatile broth infused with the goodness of shiitake mushrooms, highly concentrated and blended with our own soy sauce. The addition of organic mirin creates a savory and deep flavor with a touch of sweetness. In fact, "tsuyu" translates to "plum rain/rainy season" in Japanese. What could be better than savoring a comforting bowl of noodles with Tsuyu while the rain taps on the kitchen windows?

Key Features:

Organic Goodness: Made with high-quality organic ingredients, our Tsuyu broth reflects our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Versatile Flavor: Tsuyu's rich and umami-packed flavor serves as a versatile canvas for your culinary creativity. It's not only perfect for enhancing the taste of instant noodles but also as a dipping sauce for sushi, a marinade for grilled dishes, or a flavorful soup base.

Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of a quick meal without sacrificing taste or quality. Simply cook your favorite instant noodles according to package instructions, add Tsuyu, and savor the authentic Japanese taste.

Healthy Choice: Clearspring's Tsuyu broth contains no artificial additives, preservatives, or MSG, ensuring that you enjoy a wholesome and nutritious meal.

Experience the true essence of Japanese cuisine with Clearspring's Organic Instant Noodle Broth - Tsuyu. It's your passport to an organic, flavorful, and satisfying noodle adventure that nourishes both your body and soul. Elevate your dining experience with the simplicity and authenticity of Tsuyu. Enjoy while the rain taps on the kitchen windows!
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Clearspring Ltd19A Acton Park Estate, Londres W3 7QE, Reino Unido
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