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El Hato y el Garabato La Xefa 2019

El Hato y El Garabato

La Xefa is the rosé from the winery, made by direct pressing of the grapes, spontaneous fermentation and without filtering or clarifying, the elaboration is therefore very respectful of the high quality grapes in their vineyards.
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Characteristics of El Hato y el Garabato La Xefa 2019


Data sheet

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Vino Rosado
ES-Castilla y León
El Hato y El Garabato
75 cl
Denominación de Origen
DO Arribes
Tipo de Viticultura
Tipo de Uva
Juan García
La Xefa is the rosé from the winery, made by direct pressing of the grapes, spontaneous fermentation and without filtering or clarifying, the elaboration is therefore very respectful of the high quality grapes in their vineyards.
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El Hato y El Garabato

El Hato y El Garabato
Bodega El Hato y El Garabato S.L. C/ Almaraz 3 A 1 A, 49026 Zamora, España
Vino Rosado that may interest you
Tinto Fino and Albillo Sorianas that are harvested manually without allowing them to take much degree to produce a rosé far from the gummy technicality. On the other hand, it tries to reflect the elegance of the fine...
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Produced by Bertrand Sourdais from Tinto Fino, Garnacha and Albillo. Elmundovino has said that it is a luxury rosé and terroir. That's fifty euros worth of rosé in a country where rosés should be cheap. The wine...
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Gran Caus Rosado is a small rarity because where rosés are usually light and casual wines, based on fragrant fruit, Gran Caus is a wine made without compromise. It is one of those rarities that make Gran Caus great...
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Made with ecologically grown Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, harvested by hand and fermented with wild yeasts. Salmon in sight, raspberry on the nose, dry in the mouth but with...
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Mentidero is a plot within the Masdache area. In it, Juan the winegrower made an integral harvest in which the Listán and Malvasía were collected together with the black Listán. The result is this field blend that we...
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Rosado Lagrima is a project started in the 2017 harvest, made in a similar way to the winery's traditional Rosado, but providing the Listán Negro grapes, once in the press, with the first tears that drain from the...
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Proibido Clarete is made with native red varieties of the Douro Superior, specifically from a vineyard planted about sixty years ago. It is an old-fashioned wine, with structure, with body but also with freshness. The...
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This Prieto Picudo from farms located at 830 meters, with sandy soils and fermented in French Bordeaux barrels, is aged on lees for 16 months. It presents us with a break with the spicy and lively rosé of the young...
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The front label says BLANC DE MANDÓ because it is made as a white wine with red grapes of the Mandó variety. The back label says VI VERGE and that is because it does not carry press wine, it only carries virgin must,...
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Rosado de Guarda is made by hand from Tempranillo grapes harvested by hand in the plots of La Mejorada, it is the result of the maceration of the grapes for a few hours and their subsequent subtle pressing. Next, its...
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Otros productos de El Hato y El Garabato
El Hato y el Garabato De Buena Jera 2017 El Hato y el Garabato De Buena Jera 2017
Limited time offer
€19.84 €21.07
De Buena Jera is a red wine from the El Hato and El Garabato wineries from a 100-year-old vineyard, in the peneplain at 780 meters of altitude. It is a hillside facing east, on clay and boulders. It is an area where...
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