Martin Berdugo Barrica 2018

Martin Berdugo Barrica 2018

Martín Berdugo
The Martín Berdugo family makes modern, more fruity and elegant wines and this Barrica is no exception. The best fruit and a slight step through wood to give complexity.

Fifteen years ago Josefina Martín Berdugo and her son Antonio began their adventure in the world of wine from a vineyard of 10 hectares planted on a terrace at the confluence of the Duero and Arandilla rivers, in Aranda de Duero. The floodplain and abundant boulder was of such poverty, that it made any other crop unfeasible. After the vineyard and the sale of grapes to other wineries, not without much sacrifice and enthusiasm since the project is 100% familiar, they decided to take the next step: winemaking. They wanted to find a place in the booming offer of Ribera del Duero wines and opted to offer modern, more fruity and elegant wines; Trying to add something new to the increasingly curious group of wine lovers. A wine to enjoy and reach a restless and sensitive to detail audience. The mainstay of the project is the fruit and it shows. Despite having a young vineyard, pruning and other meticulous practices carried out throughout the vine cycle, ensure optimal phenolic maturation. The harvest, which is done by hand, allows to complete the selection of the fruit from the field. The elaboration tries to express the nature of the payment in the most natural way possible: using native yeasts (by means of a bowl that is prepared with grapes from a select area of ??the vineyard and its subsequent planting) and extracting the essence of the fruit through a meticulous control of fermentation temperatures and abundant comebacks. The filtering prior to bottling is very shallow.
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Vino Tinto
ES-Castilla y León
Martín Berdugo
75 cl
Denominación de Origen
DO Ribera del Duero
Tipo de Viticultura
Tipo de Uva

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Bodegas Y Viñedos Martin Berdugo S.L.

Camino De La Colonia S/N, 9400 Aranda De Duero, España

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