Agromar Angulas en Aceite 120 grs
Agromar Angulas en Aceite 120 grs

Agromar Angulas en Aceite 120 grs

Conservas Agromar
At Agromar they have been behind their backs for more than 50 years in the exciting canning world. When only quality ingredients are used to put in a can, success is assured.

The greatest added value of the eel from Agromar is that it is a legitimate eel, not a substitute as it is customary to see on the market. It is about the eel farming, it is a very scarce product and difficult to get, but in the absence of fresh eels, they show their face. It is common to see preserves of smoked eels or with an excess of garlic and chilli to enhance the flavor, but we like these, they are only cooked in water and salt, they are watered with olive oil and a chilli, and canned. As we like the most they are drained and making the grace to some broken eggs with potatoes.
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Conservas Agromar
120 grs

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