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Equipo Navazos La Bota 100 Mz Pasada "Bota No" 500ml

Equipo Navazos

La Bota 100 de Manzanilla Pasada results from combining the "Bota Punta" together with the other two best boots of the 1/15 solera, from which all the editions of "bota punta and bota NO" come since number 20 of the series.
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Characteristics of Equipo Navazos La Bota 100 Mz Pasada "Bota No" 500ml


Data sheet

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Vino Generoso
Equipo Navazos
50 cl
Designation of Origin
DO Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda
Type of Viticulture
Types of Grape
Palomino Fino
All the releases ending in 0 have been Manzanilla Pasada and the one that makes the number 100 was not going to be any different. Unsurprisingly, Equipo Navazos has bottled the terroir and the class in 100 releases. And the best is yet to come.

La Bota 100 de Manzanilla Pasada results from combining the "Bota Punta" together with the other two best casks of the 1/15 solera, from which all the editions of "bota punta and bota NO" come since number 20 of the series. At the time of saca the wine from these three casks must have an estimated average age of around 14 years. A characteristic that contributes to making this wine unique and giving it, in this case together with hints of nuts and an incipient hint of caramel, an unmatched biological background character (intense and steely salty sensations in the mouth) is that the casks are almost full. “Hard”, well above the usual 5/6 level in the Marco. In this way, the yeast layer (very weakened by age and the lack of nutrients in the wine) of these vessels is not so extensive and can be maintained with the contribution of the few periodic sprays, fulfilling its function of barrier between the wine. and the intensely oxidative effect of air. On the other hand, the weakness and small surface of the flower does not manage to maintain an intense effect on chamomile, which shows elegant oxidative notes.
It is a complex and powerful wine, with balanced freshness and elegant aromatic notes that give it an unmistakable personality. It accompanies with great versatility a variety of dishes, from the most gratifying (seafood stews and rice, beef jerky) to the most complicated (eggs with boletus, scrambled eggs with tagarninas, Extremadura cheese cakes). It is recommended to serve at 12º C, always in a wide glass.

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Equipo Navazos

Equipo Navazos
Equipo Navazos S.L.C/ Lealas, 1, 2ºd - Edificio La Victoria, 11403 Jerez De La Frontera, España
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