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De Muller Aureo Dulce

De Muller

Exquisite sweet wine made from the most select Garnacha Blanca and Garnacha Tinta grapes and aged for a long time in oak foudres using the distinguished Solera method.
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Characteristics of De Muller Aureo Dulce


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Vino Generoso
De Muller
75 cl
Denominación de Origen
DO Tarragona
Tipo de Uva
Garnacha Blanca
Exquisite sweet wine made from the most select Garnacha Blanca and Garnacha Tinta grapes and aged for a long time in oak foudres using the distinguished Solera method. Splendid amber color with multiple mahogany tones. Extraordinary nose, sophisticated and ingenious, complex and of great aromatic variety, startling notes of candied fruits, honey, following a roasted line with a rancid touch, the protagonist of this great wine. Glorious palate where we savor the most noble virtues of wine. Rich, sensational, with endless nuances, this sweet wine is very unctuous, with fruity and tasty sweet notes, of prunes, raisins, and dried figs,
leaving us with a very pleasant and warm sensation with a clearly roasted aftertaste where it shows us its long aging in old oak foudres. A reference wine for intimate celebrations as well as for the rest of the year, since pleasure should not be savored only on special occasions. Magnanimous with nuts, nougat, fresh cheese, quince, foie gras and all kinds of pastries. Sublime to drink alone.
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De Muller

De Muller, S.A.Cami De La Pedra Estela, 34, 43205 Reus, España
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Only the long rest in oak bocoyes makes it possible for the Garnacha varieties Blanca, Garnacha Tinta and Cariñena give birth to this noble rancio wine. It perfectly accompanies any appetizer, desserts and pastries.
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