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Pérez Barquero Fino Los Amigos Lote 2004 187 ml

Pérez Barquero

One of the emblematic wineries of Montilla-Moriles is Perez Barquero, which since 1905 has been carefully, rigorously and also with magic taking care of all the work that revolves around the creation of these very special wines.
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Characteristics of Pérez Barquero Fino Los Amigos Lote 2004 187 ml


Data sheet

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Vino Generoso
Pérez Barquero
187 ml
Denominación de Origen
DO Montilla-Moriles
Tipo de Viticultura
Tipo de Uva
Pedro Ximénez
One of the emblematic wineries of Montilla-Moriles is Perez Barquero, who since 1905 has been taking care with care, rigor and magic, all the tasks that revolve around the creation of these very special wines. From the selection of the best vineyards (albarizas de la Sierra de Montilla and Moriles Altos), the collection, transport and milling of the grapes, to the production of the new must, its tasting and selection prior to the final destination which, according to its characteristics will be the aging boots in the wide range of wines in the area.
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Pérez Barquero

Pérez Barquero
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Palo Cortado La Inglesa is a fortified wine made by the La Inglesa winery, with Pedro Ximénez grapes from the Moriles Alto payments, in Córdoba. It combines the best of biological aging and oxidative aging. Delicate...
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Tío Pepe Fino en Rama is a wine made from Palomino Fino by Bodega Gonzalez Byass. It is born in the albarizo payments of Macharnudo and Carrascal, and begins its aging under yeasts, "the flower", which arises...
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Dicen que los amontillados son la piedra de toque para comprender la grandeza de Jerez, ya que representan la finura de los mejores mostos que son sublimados por la flor y la larguísima crianza en bota posterior a su...
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Fino Perdido is a limited edition from the pioneering and long-lived Sánchez Romate winery. Eight years of aging bring it closer to Amontillado due to its intensity and aromatic palette.
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Con las mejores uvas Pedro Ximénez de Montilla Moriles, Alvear elabora el Fino Capataz. Un fino de raza sin encabezado, que se embotella en la frontera entre lo que es un Fino Viejo y lo que comienza a ser un...
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Casa del Inca es un Pedro Ximénez de añada, es decir, no es fruto de la tradicional elaboración andaluza de criaderas. Hemos seleccionado el vino de las mejores paseras cordobesas, lo hemos fermentado y criado en las...
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Fino en Rama La Inglesa, is a fortified wine made by the La Inglesa winery, with Pedro Ximénez grapes from the Moriles Alto payments, in Córdoba. This develops a biological aging for 6-7 years, under veil of flower,...
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Un Fino a imagen y semejanza de lo que es La Guita en Sanlucar: en este caso un fino de crianza oxidativa media (entre 4 y 5 años) que intenta mostrar el suelo por encima de la crianza.
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Otros productos de Pérez Barquero
They baptized it as Cordovan black gold and it is not for less. Sweet from the genuine production of the Pedro Ximénez grape, sunny on walkers under the dry and warm climate of the Cordovan countryside. Oxidative...
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Harmonious conjunction of the delicate aromas of its 10 years of biological aging under a veil of flower, with the complexity provided by its long years of subsequent oxidative aging, in American oak casks and through...
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The sacks en rama are unfiltered sacks from the same Fino Gran Barquero, which show the veil of the flower at its optimum moment of development, that thin film of yeast that covers the surface of the wine, gives it an...
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A nice rarity among fortified wines. It comes from a careful selection of atypical old wine casks subjected to eminently oxidative aging. System of criaderas and soleras, for a period of approximately 25 years, in...
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Made with grapes of the Pedro Ximénez variety, it comes from the best albariza plantations of the Sierra de Montilla and the Moriles Altos. A more unctuous and pungent Fino than they have ever tasted. Aging:...
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This red vermouth is produced in traditional jars with organic aging and a unique botanical formula. On the nose it evokes citrus and spicy tones, while on the palate the flavor of orange, cinnamon, wood and bitter...
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