How can you pay your purchase?

The quickest way is to pay by credit card. We employ RedSYS (former SERVIRED/SERMEPA) technology which only works in SECURE COMMERCE MODE. You can pay with any Visa / Mastercard cards that belong to the "Verified by Visa" or "Mastercard Secure Code" programs.
What is Secure Commerce Mode?

When you are finishing your purchase, you will be taken to the site of Banco Sabadell which is our payments partner, and belongs to the RedSYS payments platform. You will be given information on your order number, the total amount to pay as well as date and time of the transaction. Screen looks like this:

RedSYS is a payment platform belonging to some of the most important Spanish Banks and all the data transaction will happen within their framework. That means that Coalla Gourmet will never know about your credit card number or codes. This is the safest way because banks specialize in security systems and so much better than we could ever do.

When you have entered your credit card data, RedSYS will connect with your credit card issuer who will ask you to provide a confirmation that it is actually you who is behind a transaction. Your bank may send you an SMS with a code, or you may need to enter a password, maybe you were provided with a code card. It all depends on your bank. After you verify the transaction, your bank will authorize the payment to RedSys and Redsys will notify us. This may happen in just a minute and is a system designed to offer you the maximum possible security.

Why is it safe?

1) Because we, as a mercnahtdo not have your card details in any moment.
2) Because these data always remain in the scope of RedSYS and your own bank, who are specialists in managing payments.
3) Because the verification that each bank performs through key, SMS, etc., adds one more step of security.

Do all Visa and Mastercard cards work in the safe mode?

Most Visa and Mastercard do, although some issuers (Citybank, for example), do not have this option (incomprehensibly). At times, you need to enable this secure trading functionality (again, incomprehensibly). If you have any problems, please contact your bank office to activate the card.


Is there no alternative to paying with a credit card?

Yes, we have arranged the possibility of making payment by wire transfer. In that case, when selecting Payment by Transfer when closing the cart, the order is retained, and the buyer is sent an email with all the information to proceed with the payment. After receiving the amount in our account, the order will be accepted, paid, and will be shipped. We do not ship until the money is in our bank account and therefore, this payment method can delay the shipping of your order a couple of days if you do the wire transfer inmediately.

What about PayPal?

We have thought long and hard about the possibility of offering payment by Paypal. Finally we have decided that we can not afford it, financially speaking, as its commissions are way higher than the rest of the payment systems. We have considered the option of charging a portion of the Paypal commission to our customers, but that is a practice that we dislike as many online shoppers as we are in many other online stores. So, for the moment, we do not offer payment with Paypal.

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