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Molino Roca Rice

Rice experts since 1903

Deep in the fertile Valencian soil, where the sun gently caresses the fields and the breezes whisper harvest songs, a culinary gem is born that has captivated the most demanding palates: Molino Roca rice. Its rice history is a testimony of dedication, tradition and incomparable quality.

Molino Roca rice is a treasure that has been carefully aged for a minimum of three months, preserving its skin and polishing it on demand, without resorting to chemical treatments or gas injection. This careful process allows each grain to keep its freshness and sensory properties intact, providing a unique culinary experience in every bite.

Coming from the fertile lands of Albufera, Valencia, Molino Roca rice benefits from an exceptional natural environment, bathed by the crystal clear waters of the lagoon. Rice farmers, heirs to an ancestral tradition, have mastered the art of cultivating this precious grain since 1903, respecting the cycle of nature and taking care of each stage of its growth.

But, what makes Molino Roca rice superior to others? The answer lies in its unique flavor and texture. Each grain, when cooked, unfolds gracefully and firmly, releasing subtle aromas and flavors that delight the senses. Its texture is delicate, but at the same time firm, achieving a perfect balance that transforms any dish into an extraordinary culinary experience.

In addition, Molino Roca rice is distinguished by its versatility in the kitchen. From a traditional Valencian paella to exquisite risottos or handmade sushi, this rice adapts to all preparations with mastery. Its ability to absorb flavors and enhance the notes of each ingredient make it an essential ingredient in the creation of exquisite dishes.

Dynamite Rice

Molino Roca Dinamita rice has the perfect texture and consistency for Mediterranean cuisine, for dry rice. Also for its purity, its high amylose content and great power to absorb flavors. Round and exquisite grain, it is advisable to boil for 20 minutes in water or broth.

Old Rice Carnoli 4 years old

Born, harvested and elaborated in Valencia, but perfect for making a great risotto as well as sweet rice dishes. It combines the simplicity of cooking white rice with the most important elements of brown rice. Aged in its own pod for 4 years, giving the grain greater starch stability. It is medium in size, round and white and it is recommended to boil it for 20 minutes in water or broth.

Bomba Rice King of Rice

The Bomba Rey de Arroces de Molino Roca rice is... stratospheric. It has everything great cooks look for: absorption power, texture, consistency, purity. With a short and round grain, it is advisable to boil it for 20 minutes in water or broth, in a low pan, to recreate a good paella-type rice dish on the table, tasty and with the perfect texture and cooking point.

Dynamite Rice Gran Reserva 2 years

The jewel in the crown of Molino Roca, the best kept secret in the house. Dinamita is an own brand, it is not a variety of rice. Small and glutinous grain, with a great absorption capacity, ideal for Sunday paellas to acquire the category of a great restaurant, with a good background, almost no other ingredient is needed. It spends 2 years maturing before going on the market and it is advisable to boil it for 20 minutes in water or broth.

You can find it in 1 kg or 5 kg bags.

At Molino Roca, the passion for rice is contagious. Edu Torres-Molino Roca, representative of the fourth generation of a family rooted in the cultivation, treatment and sale of rice since 1903 in Valencia, carries the legacy with pride and determination. However, he dares to defy convention by staying away from the origin appellations of his land. Because? Because he seeks the freedom to explore new horizons and overcome established limits.

Edu Torres-Molino Roca delves into unknown terrain to offer you a product that will take you to unimaginable heights. His unwavering dedication and his bold vision guide you on the path to excellence. Every step he takes is carefully calculated to achieve his goals and give you a stratospheric rice experience.

At Molino Roca, they do not settle for the conventional, but dare to challenge the paradigms. His rice is the embodiment of his innovative and daring spirit. Each grain, meticulously cultivated and treated, transports you to a world of flavors and textures that defy your expectations.

Molino Roca

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the excellence offered by Molino Roca rice. Take advantage and buy a package to enjoy the highest quality in your favorite dishes.

Your kitchen deserves the best, and Molino Roca rice provides it with its unmatched flavor and superior quality. Each grain is a culinary treasure that will delight your palate and transport you to a world of tradition and good taste.

Immerse yourself in a unique culinary experience with Molino Roca rice, where each bite is a sensory journey full of exceptional flavors. Don't waste any more time and discover the difference that this culinary treasure makes in your gastronomic creations. Your palate will thank you.



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