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Wines for Father's Day

Why give away a bottle of wine? A bottle of wine as a detail is always something original and quite common on special occasions. But it goes beyond a simple kind gesture, the wine symbolizes the friendship between the diners, it is a way of thanking an invitation. What better occasion than Father's Day to thank him for the most important invitation of your life, to bring you into the world.

A perfect excuse to thank your father for everything he taught you in this life. All the time he dedicated to you when you were little and has made you become the person you are today. Giving wine means not only that you love him and want to have a special detail with him, but that you want to share the bottle together.

Giving wine to a father is always a success.

Red Wine for Father's Day

RP93 An explosively rich, exotic and fruity Montrose, the 1995 shows even more fat and extract than the 1996. There is less Cabernet Sauvignon in the 1995 blend, resulting in a fuller, more accessible and friendlier...
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Vivaltus is made with Tinta Fina and a small proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon from very old vineyards (70-100 years old) at an altitude of about 1000 meters in Fuentenebro and La Aguilera. The grapes are selected with...
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The most affordable wine from Teso La Monja. Made with grape of vineyards located in Valdefinjas and Toro (Zamora) in which there is planted a mass selection of Tinta de Toro from the vineyards with a very strong...
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From sandy soils in terraced vineyards. Viticulture follows lutte raisonnée in a traditional way, with bush pruning. First selection in the vineyard, manual harvesting, fermentation in concrete as well as stainless...
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White wine for father's day

Vino Espumoso para el día del padre

Give wine on Father's Day

As a great country that produces red wines, we fall in love with the variety of styles that we find from Rioja or Ribera del Duero to lesser-known terroirs but with great personality. We fall in love with the freshness of the Galician reds, the volcanism of the Canaries, the power of the licorella soils and the softness of the bobales without forgetting the Garnachas of the plateau. All this without forgetting foreign wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piedmont, Tuscany, Douro and Dao, Mendoza and many other areas that you can find browsing our electronic grocery store.

The best red is a white. Yes, we already know, the saying is the other way around, but although almost all of us start appreciating good wine through red wines, the reality is that on the way to Enochalao we usually end up enjoying white wines to a great extent. Because they are versatile. because they can be tremendously complex without losing their freshness. Because they reflect very well the terroirs and climates from which they come. And especially because they are tremendously gastronomic.

The sparkling is the wine of the celebration. But at Coalla we select the best Cavas, Champagnes, Corpinarts and -in short- sparkling wines from all over the world, because we think they are tremendously gastronomic. They are enjoyed with almost any dish because they are versatile, they can be light or fatty, their backbone is acidity and that refreshes us between bites. In victory we deserve them. In defeat we need them.

You can surprise him with his favorite wine or with that whim for special meals that does not open on any occasion. Reds, whites, sparkling... the selection of one over the other loses importance, the company in which you enjoy it wins. Giving wine for Father's Day means not only that you love him and want to have a special detail with him, but that you want to share the bottle together.

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