José Cimavilla Cogote de Bonito en...
José Cimavilla Cogote de Bonito en...

José Cimavilla Cogote de Bonito en Oliva 320 grs

José Cimavilla
José Cimavilla’s bonito is located in Burela, Lugo, a fishing port known for its tradition of bonito. Fresh fish, never frozen. The best hands to dull different parts naturally, in a good olive oil or a light marinade. Neck, loins, crumbs, belly, everything is used.

In a glass boat, to get a good view of those large pieces of white tuna neck that they pack in José Cimavilla. And so we like to consume them, alone, with the oil from the bottle, and without forgetting to buy bread.
In the 1950s José Coalla worked with his uncle José Cimavilla in the neighborhood by the sea that he nicknamed him. There it is seen that the grocer's bug, wines and preserves began to bite him, and his own store was set up that today has a space, this one, in the cloud. Our preserves do not succeed in bearing another name to pay tribute to Uncle José.
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José Cimavilla
320 grs
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