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The Best Types of Wine
The Best Types of Wine
Types of Wines
The best types of wine selection in our cellar.


Get to know the Best Types of Wine from our winery

Red Wines

Rosé Wines

Tinto Fino and Albillo Sorianas that are harvested manually without allowing them to take much degree to produce a rosé far from the gummy technicality. On the other hand, it tries to reflect the elegance of the fine...
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White Wines

Sparkling Wines

Aloers is the fhreshest expression of Xarello, the mediterranean grape. Cultivated on limestone soils, this is a wine of great vivacity and with a long persistance. THe winemaking includes some work with the whole...
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Sweet Wines

Fortified Wines

What Types of Wine Are There?

In the universe of gourmet wines, there is an array of aromas, flavors and textures that invite you to explore and delight. From the most remote wine valleys to prestigious world-renowned wineries, each bottle tells a unique story, reflecting the terroir, winemaking techniques and the winemaker's artistry. The types of wine are as diverse as the regions where they are produced. From elegant red wines to fresh white wines and effervescent sparkling wines, each category offers a unique experience. The reds, made mostly from dark-skinned grapes, dazzle with their intensity and complexity, while the whites, made mostly from light-skinned grapes, surprise with their freshness and liveliness. In addition, we cannot forget rosés, with their delicate balance between fruit and acidity, and sparkling wines, which add a celebratory sparkle to any occasion.

What are the main differences between the different types of wine?

The differences between wine types lie in several factors, including the grape varieties used, winemaking methods and aging time. For example, reds are usually fermented on the skins, which gives them their dark color and robust tannins, while whites are made without skin contact, resulting in lighter, fruitier wines. In addition, barrel aging adds nuances of oak, vanilla and spice to certain wines, giving them additional complexity.

Which wine is sweeter?

The sweetness of wine varies according to the amount of residual sugar remaining after fermentation. Sweet wines, such as Moscato and Sauternes, have a high sugar content, which gives them a sweet, velvety taste. On the other hand, dry wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignoncha and Chardonnay, have minimal levels of residual sugar, standing out for their freshness and structure.

How are wines classified in Spain?

In Spain, wines are mainly classified according to their denomination of origin (DO), which reflects the region where they come from and the applicable production regulations. From the emblematic Rioja to the exquisite Ribera del Duero, each DO has its own characteristics and traditions, offering a wide range of styles and flavors to satisfy all palates. In addition, Spanish wines are often classified according to their aging time in barrel and bottle, with the terms "joven", "crianza", "reserva" and "gran reserva" being indicators of quality and maturity.

What are the World's Best Wines?

Determining the best wines in the world is a subjective task, influenced by personal tastes, market trends and the scores of specialized critics. However, certain wines have managed to stand out for their excellence and international prestige. From the legendary Bordnapaeaux to the iconic Napa Valley Cabernets, these world-renowned wines have captivated enthusiasts and collectors for generations, setting standards of quality and sophistication that endure over time.

In conclusion, the world of gourmet wine is a fascinating and constantly evolving universe, where every bottle hides secrets to be discovered and pleasures to be enjoyed. Whether exploring the different varieties, unraveling the subtleties of winemaking or toasting with the finest examples, each wine experience is unique and enriching.

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