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Explore the diversity of products that we have gathered in this section, all made in Asturias with a touch of passion and incomparable authenticity. From the fresh and juicy apples that are the base of our ciders, to the local ingredients that bring that unique flavor and quality to our jams and cookies. Our catalog is a true tribute to our origins.

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Más información sobre Productos Asturianos

From canned food to Asturian ciders and wines, authentic jams, traditional biscuits and the delicious "asturcilla", our wide variety of products captures the very essence of Asturias.

Discover the Variety of Products Made in Asturias in Our Catalog

We invite you to explore our wide selection of products, all of them made with passion and authenticity in Asturias. From the fresh and juicy apples that give rise to our ciders and wines, to the local ingredients that make our jams and cookies unique in flavor and quality. Our catalog is a tribute to the gastronomic diversity of Asturias, and we are proud to share it with you.

Proud of our Asturian Roots and Origins

In each product that we offer, you can feel the deep roots that we have for our roots. We are proud to preserve the culinary traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation in this region steeped in history. Each can of preserves, each bottle of cider and each homemade jam is a tribute to our origins and the love we feel for the land that saw us grow.

Savor "La Tierrina" in Every Bite

In Asturias, we affectionately refer to our land as "La Tierrina". Every time you enjoy one of our products, you are savoring a little piece of this land full of majestic mountains, green meadows and an impressive coastline. We want you to feel that connection with each bite and to experience the authenticity that only Asturian products can offer.

From the canned food that captures the flavor of the Cantabrian Sea to the jams that bring out the sweetness of local fruits, everything in our store is imbued with the spirit of Asturias. We invite you to explore our online store and be part of our passion for our products and our roots. Welcome to a culinary journey through the essence of Asturias!



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