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Quality vermouth stands out for its careful elaboration with selected ingredients and artisanal processes. It combines herbs, natural spices and high quality wines to achieve an authentic flavor. Produced in small batches, it allows for careful control resulting in a complex flavor profile. Each brand has its unique approach to stand out in the market. At Coalla, you can choose vermouths as special gifts.

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Manzanilla + old quinas and reserve vermouths = New Ataman Vermouth. Barbadillo produced vermouth until the 1970s, and Ataman was born in 1943. When production stopped, the quinas and vermouths of those years remained...
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Más información sobre Vermouth

Buy Gourmet Vermouths at Coalla

Gourmet vermouth refers to a high-quality and exclusive version of the traditional vermouth, like the ones we offer at Coalla. This term is used to describe vermouths that are carefully crafted with select ingredients and artisanal methods. The main focus of gourmet vermouth is to offer a refined and sophisticated taste experience.

They often use top-quality ingredients such as natural herbs and spices, selected wines, and extracts of fresh fruits. Being produced in smaller batches and through an artisanal process allows for greater control over maceration, resulting in a final product with a more complex and authentic flavor profile. It's important to note that the category can vary depending on the producer and region; there's no standard definition. Each brand can offer its own unique approach and special recipe to stand out in the market. Additionally, you can choose a vermouth as a gift and send it to whomever you want.

Did you know that there are Types of Vermouths and Which Ones are Spanish?

Among the wide variety of products available for sale, the most notable types are four. At Coalla, you can buy vermouth online of the following types:

  • Red Vermouth (Vermouth Rosso): This is the most common and recognized variety of vermouth. It's obtained by macerating herbs, spices, and fruit peels in red wine, which gives it its characteristic reddish color. It usually has a sweeter and more bitter flavor profile compared to other vermouth varieties.
  • White Vermouth (Vermouth Bianco): It's made by macerating herbs and spices in white wine. As a result, it has a lighter and more transparent color compared to Red Vermouth. The flavor profile of White Vermouth is lighter and smoother, with notes of herbs, flowers, and citrus fruits.
  • Dry Vermouth (Vermouth Seco): This variety is lighter and less sweet than the previous ones. It's made using white wine and contains less sugar in its preparation. The flavor of Dry Vermouth stands out with herbal and citrus notes, along with a touch of bitterness, making it perfect for cocktails like the classic Dry Martini.
  • Rosé Vermouth (Vermouth Rosé): The most recent and less common variant compared to the previous ones. It's made using rosé wine and is characterized by its soft pink color. Its flavor is a balance between Red Vermouth and White Vermouth, with hints of fruits and herbs.

Buy Your Spanish Vermouth at Coalla

Spain is known for having a deep-rooted tradition in the production and consumption of vermouth. There are several Spanish brands that produce high-quality vermouths, each with their own recipes and distinctive characteristics. The most well-known Spanish vermouths are Yzaguirre, Vermut Petroni, and Padró & Co, and we have the latter two available for sale. Each region may have its own local wineries and producers offering unique and delicious vermouths. Vermouth is part of Spanish culture, and enjoying a quality one is an experience worth trying.

What Drinks Can We Make with Vermouth?

Vermouth is a highly versatile beverage that can be used in a wide variety of drinks and cocktails. Some of the most popular ways to enjoy vermouth include:

  • Neat or on the rocks: As the name suggests, it can be enjoyed on its own or with ice as an aperitif. Its balance of sweet and bitter flavors makes it perfect for stimulating the appetite before a meal.
  • Classic cocktails: Vermouth is an essential ingredient in many classic cocktails. Some popular examples include:
    • Martini: The classic Martini is made by mixing gin and dry vermouth in appropriate proportions.
    • Negroni: The Negroni combines gin, red vermouth, and Campari, resulting in a cocktail with an intense and bitter flavor.
    • Manhattan: This cocktail combines bourbon or rye whiskey with red vermouth and a touch of bitters.
  • Modern cocktails: Vermouth is also used in modern and creative cocktails that take advantage of its diverse flavors. Innovative bartenders combine it with liquors,spirits, and other ingredients to create new and exciting blends.
  • Culinary pairings: Vermouth can be used for pairing with certain dishes. Its balance between sweetness and bitterness can perfectly complement foods like tapas, cheeses, cured meats, and seafood dishes.

At Coalla Gourmet, we understand that finding the perfect vermouth is complex, which is why each of our experts can guide you through every question and doubt you have, both in our physical store and online.



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