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Sweet Wine

Sparkling wine is the wine of celebration. But at Coalla, we select the best Cavas, Champagnes, Cremants, Corpinnats, and - in short - sparkling wines from around the world because we believe they are incredibly gastronomic. They can be enjoyed with almost any dish because they are versatile, ranging from light to rich. Their backbone is acidity, which refreshes us between bites. In victory, we deserve them. In defeat, we need them.

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Made with Moscatel planted in vineyards at altitude (550 meters) with shallow soils, with steep slopes facing south and east, stony, limestone and fine texture. Developed from paleozoic black shales. Low fertility,...
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Más información sobre Vino Dulce

Gourmet Sweet Wines at Coalla

Gourmet sweet wines are liquid gems that have captivated the palates of wine lovers and culinary connoisseurs around the world. In our gourmet store, you will find the finest selection of these sweet wines, offering a unique experience of refined sweetness.

What Gives a Sweet Wine its Flavor?

The magic behind the unmatched flavor of a gourmet sweet wine lies in the perfect combination of sugar and acidity. Winemakers dedicate themselves to caring for every stage of the production process, from the meticulous grape selection to the precise moment of harvest. Late harvesting and noble rot are techniques used to concentrate flavors and natural sugars in the grapes. Fermentation is carefully controlled to halt before all the sugar turns into alcohol, resulting in balanced sweetness and a silky texture that defines these sweet wines as true gourmet elixirs.

What are the Best Sweet Wines?

The best sweet wines are selected with attention and passion. Each bottle represents a narrative of tradition, innovation, and a love for oenology. Among the most notable are:

  • Sweet wines from Germany
  • Sweet wines from Spain
  • Sweet wines from France
  • Sweet wines from Portugal

These carefully selected sweet wines by the experts at Coalla offer a tasting experience that is a journey through time and flavor.

Buy Gourmet Sweet Wine Online

Gourmet sweet wines at Coalla are more than just beverages; they are a celebration of sweetness in all its dimensions. That's why we want to give you the option not only to acquire them in our store but also the convenience of buying them online. We assure you that every sip is a journey through time and flavor, a reminder that sweetness can be a captivating art.

What Do We Recommend?

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