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Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is the wine of celebration. But at Coalla, we select the best Cavas, Champagnes, Cremants, Corpinnats, and - in short - sparkling wines from around the world because we believe they are incredibly gastronomic. They can be enjoyed with almost any dish because they are versatile, ranging from light to rich. Their backbone is acidity, which refreshes us between bites. In victory, we deserve them. In defeat, we need them.

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Unique plot of 0,8 ha of Xarel-lo planted in 1948 in goblet in the property of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgès in the Alt Penedès region, north-east facing with calcareous soils and loamy texture (balance between silt and...
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Mustillant Rosado is an organic wine made by Gramona with Merlot and Syrah grapes in Penedès. It is a light and refreshing wine, with fine bubbles and great structure.
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Más información sobre Vino Espumoso

Gourmet Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines, known for their elegant effervescence and refined flavor, hold a prominent place in the international wine scene. These oenological gems not only capture the festive spirit but also represent a universe of complexity and quality. Among them, sparkling wines with Spanish designation stand out as authentic gastronomic works of art. Do you want to know the differences that set sparkling wines apart from other varieties, their unique production process, the reason behind their gourmet status, and the prestige of Spanish-designated sparkling wines? Coalla Gourmet has the answers.

Best Gourmet Sparkling Wines at the Best Price

Sparkling wines stand out for their effervescence, a result of the secondary fermentation that takes place in the bottle. Unlike other wines, such as red wines, their characteristic bubbles add a sensory dimension that awakens the palate. This effervescence is not only a visual and auditory delight but also contributes to a unique and memorable tasting experience.

Why is it Called Sparkling Wine and How is it Made?

The magic behind sparkling wines lies in their meticulous production process. The secondary fermentation, whether in the bottle as in the traditional champagne method or in large closed tanks, as in the Charmat method, imparts those coveted bubbles. This second fermentation adds depth and complexity to the flavors, creating notes of toasted bread, ripe fruits, and a silky texture on the palate. Furthermore, extended aging in contact with the yeast for months or years adds autolysis nuances that further enrich the flavor profile.

Buying Gourmet Sparkling Wines

The gourmet category of sparkling wines is due to their careful production and the dedication given to each stage of the process. Meticulous grape selection, attention to vinification, and patience during aging culminate in a product that reflects the craftsmanship and dedication of the winemaker. Sparkling wines are, therefore, the preferred choice for special occasions, as their sophistication and elegance elevate any gastronomic experience.

The Eminence of Spanish Sparkling Wines

Within the world of sparkling wines, Spanish designations hold a place of honor. Spain, with its diverse climate and long winemaking tradition, produces sparkling wines that stand as true expressions of the land. The Designation of Origin (DO) Cava is a notable example, where indigenous varieties like Macabeo, Xarel·lo, and Parellada harmoniously combine to produce exceptionally high-quality sparklings. These Spanish wines capture the essence of sunny lands and Mediterranean breezes, imparting freshness and liveliness to every sip.



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